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GENIUS-BARWelcome to ZIGZAGs’s Genius Bar – the page where we solve all of your hair problems.

Got a hair question ? We guarantee you a ZIGZAG Hair Salon expert who can give you the perfect solution to solve all of your hair problems.

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Now take a look at some of the questions that have already been answered.  If the answer to your question is not there, just follow the simple steps above and we’ll get right back to you with an answer.

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18211300_s“I have really fine hair.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can make it look thicker?” – Charlotte Jones


18211290_sZIGZAG Genius Simon: “There are quite a few ways in which we can help your hair to look thicker.  The first step is to get the right hair cut:  A blunt cut which is either short or mid-length is ideal and make sure you condition your hair well – but avoid conditioner at the roots as this will weigh your hair down and accentuate your fine hair. You might also want to add some hair colour.  Go for lots of lowlights rather than a block colour.  There are also some great treatments and products designed specifically for fine hair.  Give us a call on (08) 930 005 48 or 930 147 20.

18211300_s“I used a home hair dye kit to colour my hair.  It is now a yellowy blonde and a bit patchy – which is not the look I wanted at all.  Why did this happen and how can I get the colour I want without ruining my hair?” – Sarah Stacey


18211290_sZIGZAG Genius Simon:  “I’m sorry to hear about your hair colour disaster but do not despair.  We are experts in hair colour corrections so can help transform your hair to a lovely blonde shade that suits you.  The reason it went yellow is because you removed the solution too early and it is patchy because the hair strands were not evenly coated.  Why don’t you book in for a free consultation with one of our colour technicians so we can assess the damage and work out a plan of action.”

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