Blondes Through The Ages

Blonde hair has made quite a mark on human culture and has been around for 11,000 years or so. Since blonde hair began the hair colour has been interpreted in lots of different ways from virtuous and pure to sexy! It’s fascinating to see the way that something as simple as hair colour can have an enormous effect on culture. Check out this history of blonde hair for some fun facts!

Blondes in the 1930s

Jean Harlow’s platinum hair in the 1930’s has inspired generations of women to douse their heads in ammonia and peroxide. Jean was a natural light blonde, but ended up using incredibly harsh bleach on her hair because the pure monochrome of depigmented hair translated beautifully onto black and white film. Her hair was in such poor shape toward the end of her career that it was reported too delicate for regular styling. The Blonde hair colour craze started across the United States where Jean’s fans bleached their hair to look like her.

Blondes in the 1950s

Marilyn Monroe took the dumb blonde character with her blonde locks and made it something altogether more complex. With her soft voice, big eyes, pouty lips and fluffy white hair, all became part of her image and appeal, and never went out of fashion.

Blondes in the 1970s

With the premiere of Charlie’s Angels in the 1970’s, blondes became associated with sexy, crime fighter roles and the dumb blonde stereotype continued to hang around. Farrah Fawcett wasn’t the brains of the operation, but she was the muscle. What her character lacked in intelligence, she made up for with skilled gunplay and she became a staple on every boys’ wall.

Blondes Today

Blonde hair today hasn’t escaped its historical associations with stupidity or sexiness, but there is a general awareness that the stereotypes are outdated.

So what about the future? Will men always prefer blondes over brunettes? Will they always choose golden shades over reds, blacks, browns and more? Only time will tell…..



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