Men’s Hair

Our experienced Hair Designers are trained to the highest standards and are experts in precision cutting. At ZIGZAG Hair Studios in Joondalup we are aware of the latest hair trends for men and will work with you to create a look that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Every now and then men like to change their hairstyle and there are plenty of styles to try from the classic short back and sides to longer length hair with wide swept fringes or somewhere in between. Book in for a consultation so that our friendly barbers can create either a modern or classic haircut for you, our gents haircuts are all tailored to the individual.

Going to work demands a certain wardrobe, but that’s not all. Well-groomed hair is also a must for most office cultures. Finding the haircut and style that is right for you can be made easier with help and advice from one of our Hair Designers at ZIGZAG Hair Studio.

Give us a call at our Hair Studio in Joondalup today to book your appointment, styling is not only for women, men also do more than just towel dry their hair!

Short Hairstyles for Men

If your hairstyle feels stuck in a rut, check out some of our short hairstyles for men. Short hairstyles for men never go out of fashion and by keeping your hair short is a way of retracting a thinning hairline. The best short men’s hairstyle is the one that suits your facial shape, enhances your features and depicts your personality.

Texturising short thinning hair helps create volume and movement, giving the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Style with a wax to finish the look adding definition to your new haircut and style. Keep up with regular hair maintenance appointments to keep your short hair looking great.

Mid Length Hairstyles for Men

The possibilities are endless for medium length hair, can be styled in many different ways and are the most popular choice for men.Length is concentrated at the top of the head where it can be sculpted into a medium hairstyle.

Check out some medium length hairstyles for inspiration and speak to your stylist on advice on using the right products to create different looks.

Long Hairstyles for Men

Men’s long hairstyles have long been a symbol of a signature lifestyle and can be seen worn on professionals, actors and models. Younger men with long hair wear it with wide swept fringes. Add some layers to longer hair to enhance your natural hair type. Men with long hair always get noticed and stand out in any crowd, let’s get real, long hairstyles are sexy, especially on men!

Book your Men’s Hairstyle Appointment

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