Keratin Blow Dry

HAIR SMOOTHING, Joondalup hairdressersYou can now enjoy radiantly smooth and frizz-free hair for three months with our new Brasil Cacau Keratin hair smoothing treatment.

Some call it the best hair smoothing treatment in the world and it is now available at your local ZIGZAG Hair Studios in Joondalup, Perth.

This fantastic treatment usually costs $500 but is now available at ZIGZAG Hair Studios priced at $400 for Friday appointments with our Frizz-Free Friday Offer

What is it?

Brasil Cacau Keratin is a heat-activated restructuring process that can be used on all hair types to make the hair radiantly smooth and frizz-free for 3 months.

Active ingredients include Keratin, Cocoa and Acetic Acid (responsible for making the formula acid, with a pH of 2.8).

keratin HAIR SMOOTHING, Joondalup hairdressers

How does it work?

The acid H(2.8) of Brasil Cacau Keratin and the heat of the straightening iron are responsible for fixing the formula’s active ingredients into the hair. It realigns the cuticles, making the hair surface even and smooth to reflect the light, and imparts brilliant shine.

The treatment result is attributed to the acid pH action on the hair cuticle. For this reason, the treatment doesn’t modify the hair’s internal strand structure.

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