Hair Colour at ZIGZAG Hair Studios Joondalup

At our ZIGZAG Hair Studio in Joondalup we have a team of experienced Hair Designers waiting to create the perfect hair colour for you.

During an initial hair colour consultation we can advise you on the various hair colours and different techniques we can use to create the right look for you.  If you have not had your hair coloured before or have not received a colour treatment in the past six months or more we will also ask you to pop in for a quick and easy skin allergy test prior to your appointment.

We use only the best hair colours from leading hair colour house Goldwell. Just like us, they are passionate about hair colour and dedicated to achieving colour perfection.

Permanent hair colour

If you are looking for something completely different why not try a full head of colour? Our expert colourists can help you choose the right colour for your skin tone and advise you on any after care that may be needed to maintain a vibrant and glossy colour for as long as possible.

Highlights and lowlights

We can add just about any colour to your hair using highlights and lowlights – so you can achieve a look that is natural or as bold as you fancy! Flecks of blonde, red or gold can be added to your hair using foil highlights which are either sliced or woven into your hair.  These will brighten your hair and look particularly good on layered hair. If you are looking for more depth to your natural colour, try lowlights such as rich chestnuts, deep coppers and gorgeous plum colours.

Your Hair Designer will discuss how many foils are needed to achieve the look you want. We’ll help you find the best option for your lifestyle.  If you wear your hair up we are likely to recommend a full head of highlights or lowlights, and if you want to simply add some interest to your natural hair colour perhaps we’ll place partial foils on the crown and front hairline, or randomly to achieve the result you desire.

Covering grey hair and regrowth

ZIGZAG Hair Studios are experts at colouring your regrowth and grey hair. Choose from permanent or semi-permanent hair colour to cover your grey hair and hair roots.  Our aim is to deliver a quality hair colouring service that will leave you feeling refreshed and with a head full of beautifully coloured hair.

Hair colour correction

If you have a hair colour disaster, do not panic!  Help is at hand in the form of our expert ZIGZAG Hair Designers.

We understand that it can be stressful and upsetting when a hair dye experiment does not deliver the results you’d hoped for.  We’ve managed to transform just about every hair colour disaster – hair that’s turned orange, green, become brittle or is striped – so come and see us if you are not satisfied with your hair colour.

Our expert hair colourist will explain how we can rectify the problem so simply call us on (08) 9300 0548 or (08) 9301 4720 to arrange your hair colour correction appointment. Check out our hair colour correction page here.

Book your hair colour appointment at ZIGZAG Hairdressing Salon

Our hair colour team here at our ZIGZAG Hair Studio in Joondalup are here to help you create hair colours you will love.  Call us on (08) 9300 0548 or (08) 9301 4720 or book online.