Blonde Hair Salon in Joondalup


140 Grand Boulevard, SHOP 19 on Boas Avenue, Joondalup, Perth, WA 6027


Join-the-BLONDE-ARMY-BLONDE ARMY at Zigzag is Joondalup’s first and only all blonde colour salon.  We love all things blonde - it's as simple as that!

If you are blonde or want to be blonde, you’ve found your home because BLONDE ARMY is a concept salon that really does have the expertise to create the perfect blonde hair colour for you.

Long gone are the days spent trying to explain the precise blonde you want to a colourist who doesn’t understand the complexities of blonde hair.  We started this salon because we know that blonde is an exact science that needs to be ultra-specific.

There are thousands of blonde shades so why shouldn’t you have the one you love? Our team cares about your hair, and we are delighted to give you the colour you desire. 

We also have lots of other fabulous services to tempt you including our ever-popular hair extensions and we are also happy to create sensational hair cuts and, of course, any other hair colour you desire.

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